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7 July 1975
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Starting with high school, I graduated from Kamehameha Schools, University of Hawaii - Leeward with a AAS in Liberal Arts, University of Hawaii - Hilo with a BA in Computer Science, and after I finish my master's thesis/project classes, I'll have an MS in Information & Computer Science from University of Hawaii - Manoa.

I've had several jobs in my lifetime: art framer (got fired because I'm clumsy with my hands), accountant's assitant (yuk...kinda :D), t-shirt artiste, college computer lad aide (later promoted to/hired as lab manager), and had internships at a few tech companies in Hawaii.

I've been a full time software developer since 2000, and I'm very happy with it because my work as a Systems Analyst puts me in the role of talking to people about their problems, then designing and implementing a (usually software-based) solution. I've been really lucky as the great majority of my clients have been non-profit/charitable organizations and educational institutes, which makes me feel like I'm doing my part and contributing to society.

My strategy gaming Bio is even more impressive :D When I was a young lad (elementary school), I had a subscription to GAMES magazine that was basically monthly sets of puzzles, cyphers, and some coverage of strategy gaming products. I love puzzles and problem solving, love it, love it, love it! Nothing makes me happier than solving a brain teaser.

And on to the games I play...anything and everything except World of Warcraft and Everquest. I'm loving Munchkin and WARMACHINE at present, but I'm an experienced RPG and Warhammer 40k player. I'm presently one of two Privateer Press - Press Gangers in Hawaii which means I shanghai players from other games and force them to play WARMACHINE, but they get their choice of faction :D I run tourneys and coordinate events for local gamers in the games I play.

I enjoy miniature painting and terrain/diorama making 9mostly game related, but not always). The only thing I like more than doing it, is teaching others how for themselves and raising the state-of-the-art.

On the family side, I've been married to my best friend since I was 18. My only brother is 13 years behind me, and I'm doing my best to get him up to speed in war-gaming although he refuses to participate in RPGs :p My parents moved out of the house and they're still alive and kicking (and advising); my brother's living with them while he's going to college.